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Remember that time when you were a kid and 12 pencils were your entire world? God forbid you lost one of them; it would have ruined your day. However, now that you grew up, you realize that 12 colors are not enough anymore.

At this point, you become more preoccupied with shading and making the drawings look as real as possible. And frankly, you cannot do that with a set you purchased from the convenience store.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Colors

As a professional, you will want something better – something like the Prismacolor Premier set. Keeping the experience of an artist in mind, let’s see what these pencils can offer you.

About The Product

Every artist that decided to turn drawing into more than a hobby will learn to appreciate the Prismacolor set. Made with a richly saturated pigment, everything that you color will look as if it caught on life, brimming with color. Overall, here are some primary features that might interest you about the Prismacolor Premier color set:

Containing a total of 150 artist grade pencils, this set is more than just beginner’s gear. If your blending skills are not that stellar, all you have to do is simply choose the closest color and place it on clean paper as you are drawing.

The lead is thick and robust, making it perfect for drawing both backgrounds and extremely detailed outlines. The color breakdown should be even, and the application should be ultra-smooth.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the core is thick, it is also fairly crack-resistant. As long as you use a pencil that is actually sharp, you should encounter no problems with chipping.

The package is compact, making it simple to carry it around with you to class – or anywhere else you may want to bring them with you. Furthermore, the entire wooden case of the pencil is colored, making it very easy for you to figure out which color is which.

As you can see, these pencils would benefit every artist looking for a decent set of colored pencils.

The Results

While they may come at a bit of a higher price, these are the types of colored pencils with whom you will develop sort of a love-hate relationship. The buttery core of these pencils is perfect for blending, but at the same time, you will have to be very careful when layering.

However, after practicing some blending techniques, these pencils will become easier to use. Once the drawing is done, it will be rich and vibrant – nearly catching life (but this also depends on your skills).

The Prismacolor pencils provide superior layering, and they blend like a charm. However, if you want superior results, you may want to use thin layers and go lightly with the penciling.

Drawing With Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

The white pencil offers a pretty good blending or gradient color, especially if you are not yet familiar with blending techniques. They are not that waxy as long as you use thin layers, but you want to be careful not to use too much white; it may cause blooming.

When they are used in thin layers, the colors are easy to erase – but once again, be careful when using the white pencil over other colors. Too much, and you may no longer be able to erase the color in the event of a mistake.

What Other People Say

Like us, many other people were fairly pleased with these pencils. A lot of artists use them for both coloring books and their personal outlines. They insisted on the fact that the pencils will rarely break or crumble, as long as you handle them with care.

They were also impressed by their softness and the coverage that they provide. However, like us, they also encountered troubles when layering multiple colors. Go more than five layers, and the wax may start blooming and make the image look rather fuzzy.


What We Liked

A great advantage provided by these colored pencils is the fact that they have a buttery-like core that is softer than most brands on the market. At the same time, however, they are rarely prone to breakage – and if you take care of them, they will last a fairly long time.

We also liked how well these colors blend. With proper layering, the colors will mix really well, and you can get some amazing gradients. Plus, the coverage is really good, and regardless of your coloring technique, you will get a really rich, vibrant color.

What We Didn’t Like

Like every set of wax-based colored pencils, these tend to bloom – particularly the white pencil. This is the case when you try to apply more than three to five layers, so you may want to apply them as thin as possible.

The led cores are also poorly centered, which can make you draw with the pencil on only one side. Perhaps they might want to be more attentive when placing the core in wooden case.

Buying Advice

The price for these pencils is fairly high, but that is to be expected, considering they are professional grade ones. Their price is generally just under $200, and you may find them on many online stores – or even a professional store near you.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils


Depending on your store of choice, you may even get a pretty good discount – so make sure to do some proper research. At the time of writing this article, for instance, Amazon provided a generous 60% discount which knocked the price down really low.

Final Thoughts

These pencils have a charm that makes it hard for you to hate them. They do have their flaws, indeed, but the pros weigh more than the cons. If used correctly, the drawing will have a very rich color, unlike anything you may have used in your past.

Our Rating


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